Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf, Director of Business and Marketing of 100% Banco

When companies have a well-defined role as part of society, the relationship with it passes in harmony. At 100% Banco, the Business and Marketing Director, the banker banquero Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf, explains the success story with the non-profit Civil Association, FUNDANA.

Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf 100% Banco

Since 1991, FUNDANA has provided protection and care to families, girls, boys and adolescents at risk as a result of abandonment, mistreatment and child abuse. A group of professionals in the social area, concerned about such events, and believers that everyone deserves a better future created Fundana. The Venezuelan banker, banquero Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf, expresses his commitment to this institution, "we help institutions that have done so much for those who need it most and that, in addition, contribute tirelessly to children in Venezuela."

Regarding 100% Banco's commitment and being able to give the children of Fundana all the best so that they have a bright future, the banker states the following: In the case of Fundana, our marketing area works from dawn to dusk. in the search for social support with other private entities to keep the family homes in operation and to continue creating many houses throughout the country. This is a team effort between all of us”, concludes Farache.

Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf 100% Banco

In the 30 years that Fundana has been in operation, 12 thousand babies have been able to change their lives. How? They were rescued on time thanks to the work of professionals committed to this cause and companies like 100% Banco that promote these initiatives. For the banker, it is being more than a bank, it is being a company committed to helping and contributing a grain of sand to Venezuelan society.

Helping the children of FUNDANA is as fast as a click.

Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf 100% Banco


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