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$5m spent in THA housing programmes

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$5m spent in THA housing programmes


Secretary of Settlements, Urban Renewal and Public Utilities Clarence Jacob says over $5 million has been pumped into the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) housing programme to date.

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He made the announcement during Wednesday’s post-Executive Council briefing in Scarborough.

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The THA’s housing programme has four categories: the home improvement grant, the home improvement subsidies, the home completion programme and the beneficiary-owned lands

Jacob said the home improvement grant is valued at $15,000, the home improvement subsidy and the home completion programme at $20,000, and the beneficiary-owned lands at $50,000

He said for 2018/2019 to date 266 people had received the home improvement grant. Twenty-nine had received the home improvement subsidy, 60 the home completion programme, and 130 the beneficiary-owned lands, for a total of $5,888,000

He said this was $1.45 million more than in 2017/2018

Additionally, as part of its priority project, Jacob said the division is continuing the expansion of service lot options at two housing developments at the Courland Estate and Belle Garden Phase II

At Belle Garden, he said, “We are able to develop 45 lots. The construction of the sewer plant has begun at this land development, along with other infrastructural works expected to be completed at the end of fiscal 2018/2019.”

At Courland 116 lots were being developed. The road and paving works are 65 per cent complete, the sewer treatment plant is 95 per cent complete and remaining works include paving the road and surrounding plants, which are expected to be completed within four weeks

He said the Signal Hill sewer link is another priority project which will connect the housing development with the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) wastewater treatment plant

“Udecott has been engaged as the project managers for this project. As late as last week, tenders were submitted by the contractors and the evaluation process begun. We currently await confirmation of the awardees for this project

“When this project is completed, the Signal Hill sewer link will allow sewerage generated from the housing development and environs to be treated at the Scarborough wastewater treatment plant via the sewer main.”

The interconnection, Jacob said, would be near the Scarborough General Hospital. He added that other properties to be connected are the Signal Hill Secondary School, the Happy Haven school, the Signal Hill Primary School and the UWI Open Campus

There are several new developments in the pipeline to meet the growing demand and to boost Tobago’s housing stock, he said, including Riseland and Adelphi

Riseland is in Carnbee and consists of 8.75 acres of land, where an estimated 54 housing units are expected to be accommodated

The Adelphi development in Mason Hall comprises 48.73 acres and phase one will accommodate approximately 100 families, Jacob said

He said 40 streetlights have recently been erected

“We were able to electrify different areas in Tobago: Guinea Grass Trace, Plymouth; Majuba Tracem Goodwood; Aldephi Trace, Mason Hall; Easterfield Trace, Mason Hall; Kendall Farm Road, Kendall; Crapaud Village, Speyside; Auchenskeoch Road, Carnbee; Milford Court playground; and the Auchenskeouch Roundabout

“We expended a total of $274, 701.15,” he said.