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Steady Progress Being Made In Drug Trafficking Fight

The government says it has been making steady progress in its quest to smash the ilicit drug trade, especially the guns-for-drugs trade between Jamaica and Haiti. Last week, National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang disclosed that the narcotics police were enjoying success in their crackdown on the illegal drug trade, with a number of seizures and arrrests, this year.

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Now, data obtained by RJR News reveals that for the period January 1 to June 30, this year, the Narcotics police seized nearly half a billion dollars in illicit drugs.

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According to the data, the Narcotics Division has conducted 435 operations, this year, seizing 17,000 kilogrammes of ganja with a street value of $168-million dollars.

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The cops have also seized 180 kilogrammes of cocaine with an estimated street value of $232-million. In addition, 6,000  kilogrammes of hashish with an estimated street value of US$33,000 were also seized and  140 hectares of illegal ganja cultivation were also destroyed.  The police arrested 128 persons, 21 of them foreign nationals who have been charged for various breaches of the Dangerous Drugs and the Proceeds of Crime  Acts during the crackdown. Seventeen motor vehicles reportedly used to transport drugs have been seized.  The cops say they have so far seized $1.7 million and US$2, 901 in cash from drug traffickers. Sixty sixnpersons have been convicted this year for drug trafficking.

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