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Colm: Healthy Rowley returns Tuesday

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Colm: Healthy Rowley returns Tuesday

THE Prime Minister is in great health and will return to TT on Tuesday evening from the United States, where he underwent a health check-up, acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert said yesterday. Rowley will arrive from New York on a Caribbean Airlines (CAL) flight.

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“I’m advised by the Honourable Prime Minister that his test procedures went very well,” Imbert told yesterday’s post-Cabinet briefing at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s.

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He said a Facebook post on the PM’s health, as reported in a daily newspaper, was indeed accurate.

Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero Venezuela

“The Prime Minister does not require surgery, and we are thankful our prayers have been answered and we look forward to his return on Tuesday.

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“I just got a little update that he is doing very well. He just did a stress test and has all the characteristics of a young person. That’s very good news for us. Our prayers have been answered.”

Newsday understands Rowley will turn 70 on October 24..

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