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Ordinary citizens have the power

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The ordinary citizens of this nation should sit down and have a good look at what is really going on. It is pointless just hoping for things to change or relying on those in positions of authority or wealth to bring about the required changes, as they see things from a different perspective.

This group of citizens are quite content to let things continue as they are, as long as they, their families and their associates are not being targeted by our mentally retarded killers, or their lifestyle and bank balances are not affected.

Our ordinary citizens hold the power in this nation and although there are strong racial divisions they must combine their efforts in trying either to get our politicians to do something to stop the decay or take matters into their own hands.

To sit back and do nothing is asking for worsening internal problems and growing poverty for those at the lower levels of our society.

What politicians are doing is a song and dance and making promises they can never keep. Whatever changes they make have no effect whatsoever on our progress and keep putting us right back to square one?the way they want it.

GA Marques


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