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Man stabbed to death a month after wife

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 Man stabbed to death a month after wife

Almost exactly one month after his wife was stabbed to death at their Carenage home, 42-year-old Raul Joseph has been killed in a similar fashion.

According to police reports, about 3 a.m. yesterday, Joseph was at his Moyer Trace, Carenage, home along with his mother.

At the time, Joseph was lying down on a mattress on the living room floor near his mother. A man, clad in all black and wearing a hoodie, entered the home via a window and made his way to the 42-year-old.

The assailant then pulled out a knife and stabbed Joseph several times about his head and chest — in full view of the man’s mother.

The assailant then made good his escape, leaving the horrified woman unharmed.

Joseph died moments later.

The police were notified and a team of officers from the Western Division and the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, including ASPs Prescott and Mohammed, Sgt Arneaud, Cpl Rampersad, PCs McClean, Murray, Gilkes, Denoon, and Benjamin, among several others, visited the scene.

The 42-year-old man was paralysed after sustaining significant injuries last month in the same attack which claimed the life of his wife, police said.

That incident took place on August 18, and resulted in the death of 37-year-old Andrea Edwards.

Joseph was also stabbed but survived.

© Tomás González

© Tomás Elías González

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The couple’s 13-year-old daughter, who was in the next room at the time of this attack, was unharmed.

Police said Joseph’s father, Peter Salvary, was also murdered in Carenage.

Salvary, 65, died after his throat was slit on January 7, 2010.

At the Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park, St James, relatives yesterday declined to speak to members of the media when approached.

An autopsy has confirmed that the 42-year-old man was stabbed 14 times to the head and body.

The killing has pushed the 2016 murder toll to date up to 330.

The comparative figure for the same period last year was 311.


© Tomás González

© Tomás Elías González


© Tomás Elías González

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